Library Program Room Policy

In keeping with the library’s mission statement, the library program room should be accessible for programs or meetings which enhance our mission.


  1. Library Board of Trustees meetings
  2. Library programs sponsored by the library
  3. Friends of the Library meetings
  4. Town commission, committee or agency meetings only if none of the other Town meeting rooms is available.  Scheduling use of the Program Room to be coordinated between the town and library persons responsible.
  5. Non-profit group meetings only if none of the other Town meeting rooms is available.

No bookings will be made for hours in which the building is not open to the public.  All meetings or programs held in the Library Program Room must be open to the public.

The Library Director or designee will be responsible for scheduling all meetings and programs.  A list of the scheduled events for the day is posted.


Refreshments may be served with prior permission from the room scheduler.  A coffeepot is available, but no refreshment supplies, coffee or utensils are provided.

No signs, posters, displays or decorations may be put up without prior permission.

The library may furnish audio-visual equipment with prior arrangement.  The group using the room will provide qualified personnel to operate the equipment.


Each group using the room must assign one person responsible for proper use of the room.  Each group is responsible for returning the room to the condition in which it was found.

The group will be held responsible for damages to the program room, including furniture, carpeting, kitchen or borrowed equipment.


Notice of cancellation of Program Room should be given to the Library Director as soon as possible.  It is the responsibility of the group using the room to notify the public of a change of date, time or cancellation.

Maximum Seating Capacity  39

Reviewed by the Canton Public Library Board of Trustees   11/9/2005

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