Summer Reading and Learning Programs

Programs for the Whole Family

We have programs for Children, Teens, and Adults. Find out more below!

Children and Teen Programs

For our new Summer Challenge, we want to encourage you to engage in learning and experiencing new things.  Each day you will be asked to learn or try something new.  This new learning or experience can be something that you come up with on your own or one of the suggestions that we have provided to you. 

Once you have completed the activity or task, you will fill in that day on the chart.  (Charts are available below or at curbside pickup.)  Once you have learned/experienced 10 new things (and filled them in on your chart) you will return your chart by either dropping it off at the library or submitting it online in order to earn your exciting prize. 

We can’t wait to see/hear about all your new learning endeavors!

Children’s Chart
Teen Chart

We are also offering many programs for both kids and teens. Check them out on our Programs page.

Adult Programs
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