Getting a Library Card

Adult library cards: Canton residents 18 years of age and over receive adult library cards.

Teen library cards: Canton residents between the ages of 13 and 17 inclusive receive teen library cards.

Children’s library cards: Canton residents aged 12 and under receive children's library cards. A parent or legal guardian must complete and/or co-sign the child's borrower application and present proof of parental/guardian identity and residency. By co-signing, the parent or legal guardian accepts financial responsibility for use of the library card by his/her child.

Senior library cards: Canton residents 65 years of age and over may request a senior library card. Senior library cards exempt the holder from paying overdue fines on all materials except Quick Reads. Senior library cards may or may not accrue fines on materials borrowed from other libraries, depending on that library's own policy.

Guest library cards: A guest library card is issued to a person of any age who is not a resident of Canton but who is staying in Canton for less than 6 months. A guest library card is valid for use in the Canton Public Library only and the card itself must be so marked.

Your Canton library card may be used to borrow and return materials at any public library in Connecticut.  If you are a Connecticut resident who lives outside of Canton, you may borrow and return materials here by presenting your valid hometown library card. 

Per library policy, the responsibility for materials borrowed by minors rests with their parents or guardians.

NOTE REGARDING PRIVACY: Per state law, the library staff may not give a patron’s personal information, nor his/her current or past borrowing information, to anyone other than the patron himself/herself or, in the case of minor children, to the parents or legal guardians.  The borrowing records of public library patrons are confidential and excluded from the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act.

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