If the item you want is out, we will place a hold on it for you. With the exception of Quick Read books and Wii games, any circulating item in the collection may be reserved.  Reserves (or "holds") can be placed in person, by telephone, or online through the library website.  We will notify you when the item becomes available. 

Placing System Holds via the Library Catalog

You may place holds on your own at neighboring libraries (if Canton Public Library does not own them or if our copies are out) and ask to have them sent here for you to pick up. 

Simply go to our library catalog and search.   Once you find the item you want, click on the Place a Hold link.  There you will be asked to put in your library card number and you last name. If you select Canton as the library you want the item delivered to, it will be sent here for you by one of the area libraries that are part of our network.  We will email or telephone you once your item arrives via the Connecticar delivery system.  In the event you are unable to find the item, telephone our Information Desk and ask if the item is available through the statewide interlibrary loan system (in other words, from libraries outside of our network). There is currently a limit of five system holds allowed per person.  

Interlibrary Loan

If you are looking for an item that is not available at the Canton Public Library or at other libraries in our Library Connection network (the libraries with whom we share our catalog), we will try to locate it in another library and have it sent to Canton for you.  To use our interlibrary loan service, please fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form available at the Information Desk, or else telephone the Information Desk and speak with a librarian.

Please note the following:

  • You may request up to four (4) interlibrary loans at a time. 
  • Please return items we obtain for you through the interlibrary loan system directly to Canton Public Library.  Do not return them to any other library, including the owning library.
  • Many libraries will not loan recently-published items through the interlibrary loan service.  If the item you seek is very new, please submit a request for our library to purchase it.
  • Some libraries restrict the types of materials they will lend through the interlibrary loan system.  Restrictions often apply to non-print items such as DVDs and VHS tapes.  While we will attempt to obtain anything for a Connecticut resident, please be aware of this possible limitation.

Please note that we have no control over how long it takes items to arrive at our library. Requests sometimes arrive within a couple of days, but if it is a rare item or an item in demand, it could take much longer. If you need the item in a hurry, you might want to consider driving to the owning library and borrowing it in person.

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