Borrowing Ereaders


We now have ereaders, preloaded with a variety of books, available for you to borrow and enjoy.

View the current list of preloaded books.


We currently have 9 devices:

  • 4 Nook Simple Touch
  • 2 Nook Color
  • 3 Kindle
These devices have all the same books loaded on them.



Below are our general guidlines for borrowing our ereaders. Contact us for more information.

E-Reader Guidlines

  • Borrower must be age 18+ and have a valid adult library card.

  • Limit of 1 device per person at a time.

  • Loan period is 3 weeks. It may be renewed if no one is on the Hold List.

  • Late Fee: $1.00 per day (Maximum $10).

  • For your protection: Do not add credit card, email, or other personal information to the device, or register it to a personal account. We don't want you exposing that information to others.

  • Return the device charged at least half way.

  • Do not clean the device with harsh chemicals or liquids

  • Do not place in book drop. Please hand this device to a library staff member at the front desk.

  • If the device or the accessories are lost or damaged, the borrower will be charged as follows:
    • $100 for the device
    • $30 for the protective cover
    • $20 for the USB cord and/or charging plug
    • $5 for the instruction sheet.


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