The Canton Public Library welcomes and encourages volunteers to help at the Library.  Volunteers will not replace staff, but rather may perform a myriad of routine tasks that free staff time for other duties.

The Library will provide training and supervision for each volunteer.  To accomplish this, volunteers must register with the appropriate staff member and arrange a work schedule that is convenient to both parties.  Some volunteer tasks may be accomplished in short order, while other projects may extend over several weeks or months.  During such a time, the volunteer is expected to make the necessary commitment of time.

Tasks may include but are not limited to reshelving books and other library materials; recovering, cleaning and mending materials; shelf reading materials to see that they are in the right order; assisting at children’s programs, such as storytimes and craft programs; keeping bulletin boards neat and up-to-date; arranging library displays.

Volunteers who have special talents and skills are also encouraged to work with the staff and the Friends of the Library in enriching the Library’s programs and resources.  The Library Director or the President of the Friends should be contacted, and all worthwhile proposals will be considered.

Approved by the Canton Public Library Board of Trustees 6/3/1998

Reviewed by the Canton Public Library Board of Trustees 5/10/2006

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